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Lincoln Electric Offers New UltraCore® 70C Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire

Lincoln Electric, Automation Division

- Low-fume generation rates for increased cleanliness and visibility
- Excellent bead stacking and slag removal
- H8 diffusible hydrogen levels

Lincoln Electric Offers New UltraCore® 70C Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored WireCleveland — Lincoln Electric now offers the new UltraCore® 70C (E70T-1 H8, E70T-9H8) wire in its portfolio of premium gas-shielded, flux-cored (FCAW-G) consumables. This new product is designed to meet the requirements of the structural fabrication, heavy equipment and ship building industries with low fume generation rates, excellent bead stacking and high deposition rates.

Low-Fume Generation Rate and Diffusible Hydrogen
The low fume generation rates of UltraCore 70C increase cleanliness and visibility while welding, as well as improved ability to control welding fume. Diffusible hydrogen levels are controlled at an H8 AWS classification to provide resistance to hydrogen induced cracking.

Excellent Bead Stacking and High Deposition Rates
UltraCore 70C features excellent bead stacking and slag removal to reduce clean-up time for fast multiple-pass welding. High deposition rates further increase productivity by allowing for fewer passes to complete a joint.

To request a copy of Lincoln’s UltraCore 70C product literature, call (888) 355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain Bulletin C3.12.2.

The Lincoln Electric Company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, fume extraction equipment and plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. The company holds a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market.

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