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MICROMO Celebrates 50th Anniversary


MICROMO, a full service, value- added  micro motion solutions partner and representative of FAULHABER Group technologies in North America, announces its 50th anniversary.  Founded in 1961, MICROMO will honor the milestone with a celebration for employees to be held in the second half of the year in Clearwater, Florida.

Dr. Fritz Faulhaber, Senior, the father of MICROMO’s current President and CEO, Dr. Fritz Faulhaber, is  the inventor of the “FAULHABER coil.”  The landmark invention, a self-supporting, ironless rotor coil, gave birth to a new industry branch which now produces millions of motors based on the “FAULHABER coil” design.  

Micromo celebrates 50 years of innovation and success

MICROMO is a leader in quality micro motion solutions and custom designs.  MICROMO has distinguished itself in markets such as robotics, medical devices, lab automation, aerospace and defense, optics and photonics and consumer products through its full service, value-added approach.

According to Dodd Disler, MICROMO’s Vice President and COO, MICROMO has “grown dramatically over the past 50 years from a small distributor to a full service, value added technical center for the FAULHABER GROUP.  Our mission of being the “Best Motion Solution Provider in the North American market” remains true today.  We are the Best because we start with the highest performing motion products from around the world.  Then, we apply our local design, engineering, machining and assembly capabilities to customize these products into complete solutions for specific applications.  Finally, we deliver these value-added solutions with world class technical, logistics and customer support in our customer’s home territory.  These benefits are critical for demanding markets such as robotics, medical, and aerospace where we continue to excel.”

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