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Machining robot for Composites

Stäubli Robotics

With its articulated RX170 hsm robot, Stäubli is writing a new chapter in the history of high-speed precision machining. For certain applications, this highly specialized robot is the ideal alternative to the machine tool – Stäubli has identified a whole series of operations such as milling, deburring, trimming, drilling and tapping.
Thanks to the robot’s reach of 1,835 millimeters, even large work pieces are easy to process. When used in combination with a linear axis, workspace can be expanded almost without limit – an advantage that opens up entirely new applications for the milling robot. Another point in its favor is that the RX170 hsm makes unproductive idle time for loading and unloading a thing of the past. Generally, multiple work stations will be positioned around the robot. 

About Stäubli: Textile Machinery, Connectors and Robotics
Stäubli is a mechatronics solution provider with three dedicated divisions: textile machinery, connectors and robotics. With a workforce of 4000, Stäubli has a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries around the world

For more information please contact:
Stäubli Robotics (Germany)
Sonja Koban
Head of Marketing
Phone: +49 (0)921 88 32 12
Fax: +49 (0)921 88 34 44

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