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Robotics Industry News

OTC Daihen Unveils New Robots, Controller in their FD Series

KC Robotics, Inc.

Lighter, Smarter, Simple, OTC Daihen’s new FD Series boasts energy conservation, ease of use and better performance.

As companies scramble to provide small to medium sized manufacturers with simple, easy to use, and affordable industrial robots, many are finding that the newest line-up of robots, designed with a more human-like structure, are not as robust or capable of handling some of the heavy duty tasks they want to automate. They also are not designed to perform some of the more popular tasks manufacturers are looking to automate such as palletizing, deburring, or arc welding.

Making strides in offering solutions in arc welding to manufacturers who are looking for quality welding with a high ROI, OTC Daihen has unveiled the new FD Series which includes, controller, teach pendant, and an assortment of robots that are smaller, and more efficient. Something even robotic integrators like hearing. Here's a snapshot of this new series which will be available through KC Robotics.

Controller & Teach Pendant
A major consumer of energy in plants is machinery. In response to this and the push to save money, OTC has designed a smaller, faster, more efficient controller.

A standard in the FD11, the Power Conservation Mode can reduce energy consumption by 50%. When not in use, the fans stop and the backlight on the teach pendant shuts off. Also contributing to saving energy is a 20% reduction in parts that make up the FD11 controller, reducing floor space needed to store spare parts. Also, by volume, the controller is 20% smaller than OTC’s previous model.

In terms of performance, the FD11 has upgraded many features of the previous controller sold by OTC: processing speed; the Torch Shift Function, a standard on the FD11; and, to fit in with energy conservation, the ability to shut off the motors using an external switch.

The teach pendant is physically smaller as well, by 40% compared to the previous OTC model but the display was did not fall victim to the reduction in size, it has been upgraded to a 5.7 inch LED display. A USB memory slot has made back-up a simple task that can be done more frequently reducing down time.

What this means for manufacturing plants:

- Less energy consumption on the production floor
- Less space needed for controller and teach pendant
- Less time needed for programming, troubleshooting, and back-up
- More productivity, better control, and higher quality

OTC Daihen has unveiled seven new robots in their FD Series, two standard models, two long-reach, two multi-purpose and one compact robot. Four come with standard and 3 with through-arm cable integrations.

The FD-B4L, with through-arm cabling, has the farthest vertical reach and longest horizontal reach in the series at 3,575 millimeters (about 140 inches) and 2,008 millimeters (about 79 inches) respectively. It is designed to work in tight spaces, reducing floor space needs and making it easy to integrate into an already running production line. The FD-B4L has a payload of 4 kilograms.

The greatest benefit of the FD-B4L is the ability to weld large pieces in tight quarters easily. And the size isn’t just the only thing that has shrunk. The robots themselves are lighter in weight than their predecessors.

All together, the series has payloads that range from 4 kilograms to 20 kilograms, vertical reaches from 1,374 millimeters to 3,575 millimeters, and horizontal reaches from 866 millimeters (FD-H5, compact) to 2,008 millimeters.

What this means for manufacturing plants:

- Less floor space requirements
- Less robot by weight AII-B4: 375 lbs. vs. FD-B4:340 lbs.
- Less chance of interference with through-arm options on three styles
- More efficient, more options, more cost savings.

As an integrator for over 20 years, KC Robotics has a solid history of quality arc welding system integrations all over the United States. If you would like to know more about this series or more about automated arc welding systems including automation, sales, and service email info@kcrobotics.com or call 1-800-7ROBOTS. We promise, we aren’t robots.

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