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PaR Systems Acquires MTS’s Friction Stir Welding Product Line

PaR Systems, Inc.

Saint Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota – PaR Systems, Inc. announces the purchase of the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) product line from MTS Systems Corporation, a global supplier of test systems and industrial position sensors. PaR Systems is a leader in providing highly engineered automation solutions for critical applications. The addition of the friction stir welding product line expands manufacturing process technology to PaR’s core business, markets and customers.

PaR Systems will continue to support all current customers of MTS’ friction stir welding products. Additionally, PaR will pursue further development of the technology for a variety of potential markets. The new business will operate under the name of I-STIRä Technology, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary of PaR Systems, and will be located in Shoreview, Minnesota. I-STIR Technology will be fully backed by PaR Systems quality, manufacturing, and engineering processes and capabilities.

I-STIR’s patented friction stir welding equipment produces welds by rotating a non-consumable tool to locally soften a work piece, through heat produced by friction and plastic work, thereby allowing the tool to stir the joint surfaces. FSW has significant strength, quality and weight advantages over conventional joining techniques.
I-STIR has a premium reputation within the industry and is the leading choice of technology innovation leaders, including Lockheed Martin, NASA, Boeing, SAPA Technology (Sweden), Airbus (Germany), Eclipse, Nippon Sharyo (Japan), National Research Center (Canada), Institute de Soudure (France), Sumitomo (Japan), Perm State University (Russia), and EADS (France). Further, the I-STIRä product line opens new domestic and international opportunities into the rail, military and commercial transportation markets.

Key employees from MTS have joined I-STIRä Technology to support the FSW product line. They bring the necessary strategic, engineering, process knowledge, operational and project management capabilities to support existing business, and continue to develop new products and markets for friction stir welding.
PaR Systems, a portfolio company of MML Capital Partners (www.mmlcapital.com), is a world leader in providing advanced engineered equipment, systems, and services for critical material handling and automation applications to improve customer quality, safety, and productivity. Since 1961, PaR has created custom-engineered, and often times, first-of-a-kind manufacturing solutions for a broad range of industries including aerospace, defense/marine, hazardous material/nuclear, heavy material handling, industrial manufacturing, and life sciences. PaR Systems is headquartered in Minnesota, with global engineering and manufacturing centers of excellence.

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