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Precision Assembly with a Six-Axis Robot

Stäubli Robotics

Continental Automotive Electronics in Sejong City (South Korea) operates an innovative circuit board assembly line that makes use of a six-axis TX60 precision robot supplied by Stäubli.

In the past, assembly of the printed circuit boards was done manually in a three-shift operation. For some time now, assembly work has been fully automated with the integration of a robot station into the production line. A compact six-axis Stäubli TX60 plays a key role. The robot accomplishes the job extremely well, exhibiting a variety of features and typical Stäubli characteristics.

This starts with the cleanroom classification. The system must meet the requirements of cleanroom class 10,000 – a hurdle that the standard Stäubli TX60 already very easily clears. Furthermore, the assembly line required a fast, highly accurate robot – a criterion in which the TX60 demonstrates its design-related advantages to the full. Stäubli has always relied on top-quality drive technology, developed in-house for its six-axis robots. So it is no big surprise that the TX60 is again very impressive in this application with its extremely short cycle times and exemplary precision.

Additionally, this slender, compact robot with its internal wiring facilitates space saving in the workstation layout. Thanks to its excellent performance, the Stäubli TX60 easily exceeds overall expectations in terms of quality and productivity.

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