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Puck™ Motor-Drive-Electronics Module Wins US Patent Protection

Barrett Technology, Inc.

Puck™ Motor-Drive-Electronics Module Wins US Patent Protection CAMBRIDGE, MA - The key innovation underlying the Puck drive-electronics module for brushless motors will be awarded a United States Patent today under US Patent No. 7,854,631. According to Neil Singer, founder and CEO of Convolve, Inc. in Armonk, New York, "this patent is extraordinarily broad and will have implications across the motion-control industry". Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. founder Jon Hirschtick adds "This tiny invention has profound implications for designers of machines and any products that use brushless motors." Barrett CEO and founder, Bill Townsend says, "The prosecution of this patent took a major effort, but the patent is much stronger for it. With this invention, we envision a time when most small machines with brushless motors will use the Puck in some shape or form."

About Barrett Technology, Inc.
Barrett Technology, Inc. is the technology leader in high-performance robotic arms and hands for emerging applications requiring superior versatility. For more information, contact Laurie Vanelli.

Website: http://www.barrett.com

Barrett Technology, Inc.
Bill Townsend
President & CEO
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