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Robotic System Improves Product Quality

by Val Cureton
Adept Technology, Inc.


Today even makers of products in the cosmetics and toiletry industries have to consistently provide the best possible quality. This is true for the products themselves as well as their packaging.  The decision makers at Goldwell needed a way to avoiding constant contact between the shampoo bottles as they made their way through the plant.  To achieve this they implemented a series of transport cups so that the bottles of the new "Guhl" shampoo line come off the filling and packaging conveyors with as little breakage as possible. The next problem was in how to get the bottles into the transport cups.


The solution was to do the loading of the transport cups with two AdeptOne Scara robots. One of the largest obstacles to be overcome while bringing the robots on line was the visual recognition procedure at the very beginning of the production line. Here the empty shampoo bottles are deposited in a chaotic mass onto a transport belt.  Adepts integrated vision system delivers information about their position to the robot. The robot then picks up the bottles lying on the conveyor two at a time, stands them up, and puts them in two plastic transport cups. The robot synchronizes its action with the speed of the conveyor and does it in real-time.

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