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Robotized material handling systems for packaging and palletizing in the food industry

by Orfer, 3D simulation says more than a thousand images
Visual Components North America Group

Orfer factory simulation for food industry

Orfer Oy provides packaging and palletizing solutions to the food industry and has been using Visual Component’s 3D simulation products since late 2005 to support their business development.

Simulation as a marketing tool
”For us, simulation is primarily a marketing tool. We have noticed that simulation helps us make things concrete for the customer on a completely new level; it’s much easier to convince the customer when he can see a simulation of their new solution with their own eyes,” says Orfer’s Marketing Director, Jukka Kettunen. Orfer also uses Visual Component’s products for project and product development. ”3D simulations allow us to see how our tailored systems will function, before we actually build them,” states Jukka.

Customized equipment library
At Orfer the use of simulation for sales and marketing has increased rapidly. “We used to purchase a simulation project when our customer requested, however developments and changes in the business environment means we need to react faster - and now we do simulations continuously,” says Jukka.

Increased need for simulation
From Orfer’s point of view the main drivers of change in the food industry have been: continued growth; increasing speeds of production; the need for versatile packaging lines for multiple formats; and the implementation of the RFID chip, which allows tracking and traceability of individual products. The company’s strong growth and its global perspective demand efficiency and speed. Orfer’s customer strategy of increasing the profitability of its customers’ business places demands on the company and the use of simulation is playing a pivotal role in fulfilling their strategy.

”We chose Visual Component’s 3D product family for many reasons. It’s a good concept. As a sales tool it is visual, easily understandable and clear. It’s also easy to use; in only an hour you can create quite an impressive picture of a working production system. Visual Components offered a cost effective solution that suits an SME type company like ours,” concludes Jukka Kettunen, Marketing Director, Orfer.

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