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Robotmaster North America Grows with New Hire

In-House Solutions

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - In response to an overwhelming demand for the power and flexibility of Robotmaster, we are pleased to expand our team to accommodate a growing customer base and increasing diversity of applications for the software. This growth comes as robot manufacturers create more accurate and versatile robots at lower price points, enabling higher efficiencies at lower costs.

Robotmaster enables offline programming for the most common brands of robots to maximize production time. Robotmaster works by eliminating point-by-point editing and breaks down the programming barrier of singularity checking, collision detection, joint limit and reach issues all within one comprehensive user interface.

Robotmaster excels at a variety of applications including milling, trimming, welding, grinding, cladding, painting, sanding, polishing, de-burring, spray coating, dispensing and more. The team behind Robotmaster is continually developing support for new applications such as non-destructive inspection, launched earlier this year.

The latest addition to the team is Applications Engineering Specialist, Michael Starry. Michael brings 15 years of manufacturing experience and extensive CAD/CAM programming knowledge. His involvement will ensure the continued growth of Robotmaster North America, furthering its leading position in the Robot Automation market.

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