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SPARK-ROBO Arc Process Control and Monitoring System

Servo-Robot Inc.

SPARK is a new arc process viewing and monitoring system produced by SERVO-ROBOT. This unique system includes a dual digital color video technology for weld pool and global process area viewing and control combined with laser vision. This system is applicable to all arc processes where precise remote control of weld pool conditions, joint root penetration, weld wire positioning, etc. are needed to avoid fusion defects and ensure
very high quality on critical welds.

SPARK-ROBO comes with PC software for quick and easy installation, and an intuitive Human-Machine Interface. Its versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of industries, for welding inspection as well as for training and teaching support personnel to improve overall performance.

The SPARK is part of the overall WeldSure methodology which SERVO-ROBOT uses to help insure the quality and productivity of automated welding systems is as high as possible. In addition to the SPARK system, our tracking, finding, joint fit-up measuring, process monitoring, Wiki-SCAN (portable weld inspection) and fully
automated weld inspection systems are all part of this approach.

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