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Servo-Robot Develops SMART Seam Finding Solutions For Robotic Arc Welding Applications with the ROBO-FIND System

Servo-Robot Inc.

The Robo-Find laser-based sensing system is designed to locate, detect and measure weld joints without making contact with the part. The system detects part position and dimensional variations, then signals the robot and adjusts torch trajectory all in less than one second.

Robo-Find Sense-i D/H Photo courtesy of CloosRobo-Find is ideal for robotic welding applications where precise joint location and fit-up is not possible, yet optimum weld quality and productivity is required.  All the standard robotic arc welding processes, including Gas Metal Arc, Flux Cored Arc, Plasma Arc and Gas Tungsten Arc are supported. This system includes one of 2 laser-cameras, the Sense-i/D or SF/D. This solution is ideal not only for new installations but can also provide huge improvements when retrofitted to existing equipment.  

Setup is done with a simple laptop interface-there is no separate controller because everything is in the camera itself. Robo-Find has a miniature video camera inside that is very useful for remote programming and viewing of the welding process.

To learn more about Seam Finding, and specifically Servo-Robot Robo-Find, solutions, please visit: http://www.servorobot.com/english/Manufacturing_solutions/seam_tracking_joint_finding.htm

View of Video Monitoring on a LaptopThe Servo-Robot family of products includes systems for seam tracking, seam finding, weld inspection and laser welding modules.  With more than 25 years serving the robotic and welding industries, Servo-Robot has developed laser sensing systems that bring intelligence to processes worldwide.

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