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Servo-Robot Introduces the First Laser Vision System Dedicated to Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing

Servo-Robot Inc.

Thanks to its unmatched dedication to simplify and improve the performances of welding machines, Servo-Robot is again the first to introduce the most compact and intelligent technology for non contact seam tracking and adaptive submerged arc welding of Wind Turbine Tower Tubes. 
The AUTOTRAC /WT is the most intelligent and cost effective non contact seam tracker on the market and is very easily integrated or retrofitted. It surpasses the traditional contact probe technology.
The AUTOTRAC /WT system includes the results of Servo-Robot’s continuous outstanding Research and Development programs in intelligent 3-D image processing for welding automation.  The miniaturization of all electronics has also been achieved to reduce the equipment footprint while increasing the power and digital convergence of the system. 

The vision system has no moving parts as in previous obsolete technologies and yet the digital technology used is not affected at all by reflective surface conditions that fool other artificial vision techniques.
No adjustments are required from the operator to teach the digital laser vision system which contains its own on-board brain specially adapted to the SAW process applied in Wind Turbine Tower Tube welding. Human adjustments for weld joint measurement by the camera are no longer required.  
Please do not hesitate to contact Servo-Robot.   

Servo-Robot Inc.
1370 Hocquart
St-Bruno, QC, Canada J3V 6E1
Tel: +1 (450) 653-7868
Fax: +1 (450) 653-7869
Web: http://www.servorobot.com

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