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Servo-Robot Product News at Fabtech 2010

Servo-Robot Inc.

Servo-Robot participated in the Fabtech exposition in Atlanta, GA, USA from November 2 to 4 and thanks to the numerous customers it was a great success.
At Servo-Robot, we strive to offer the best sensing and control solutions for welding automation totally adapted to your needs as well as a personalized service.

Please find below a review of the intelligent systems we had in display and visit our website at www.servorobot.com to have more information regarding these new exciting products. 

Mobile Welding Robot
•    Increases productivity and weld quality.
•    Only 10 minutes needed to learn to weld like a PRO.
•    Welders health and safety improved.
•    Works with any arc welding process and equipment.

Laser Seam Finder
•    Fully embedded process control (no external control unit required).
•    Reduces costly rework operations (no defects or over welding).
•    Remote monitoring with on-board color video camera.
•    True 3D laser measurements of joint geometry for real welding parameter adjustment.

Wireless Handheld Inspection System
•    Promotes green manufacturing through reduced over welding.
•    Measures faster and more accurately than manual gauges.
•    Portable and compact for tough to reach work pieces.
•    Inspects per standard AWS Welding Codes like D1.1. process and equipment.

Multi-Pass Laser Seam Tracker
•    Large F.O.V. for sensing large groove for multipass welding.
•    Very rugged frame for industrial environment.
•    Automatic optical adjustments during welding.
•    Automatic laser shut-off when the protection lens is not present.

Intelligent Multi-Pass Welding Control
•    Intelligent laser seam tracker with compact control unit.
•    Quick and easy set-up thanks to 'Easy Teach' a fully automatic joint recognition system.
•    Automatic camera to robot calibration system.
•    Designed to survive harsh industrial environments in arc and laser hybrid welding.

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