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Sommer Automatic Inc. Announces New Catalog Featuring Grippers and Robotic Accessories

Sommer Automatic Inc.

Sommer Automatic Inc. recently introduced a new Gripper and Robotic Accessories catalog featuring over 600 pneumatic and electric grippers, tool changers, swivel units, linear cylinders and robotic accessories. A convenient selection guide for each of the complete product lines includes large, high quality photos to make product selection for your application simple and quick. Also, the included CD features even more in-depth technical data and dimensional drawings. Contact us online to order your free catalog and CD.

Sommer Automatic manufactures precision quality end of arm robotic components including pneumatic and electric grippers,tool changers, crash protection devices and axis compensation modules. Other products include swivel units, pivot jaws, separators, linear & rotary cylinders, shock absorbers, and vacuum components.

Our experienced technical staff can assist you in specifying the correct component for your application or provide a fully engineered robotic end-of-arm tool solution.

Sommer Automatic Inc. is the North American partner of Sommer-automatic GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany, providing factory sales, service & support serving the USA, Mexico and Canada.

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