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Specialist in humid environment finish

Stäubli Robotics

Deburring and cleaning with specialized robots

The REZ robotic deburring cells manufactured by Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH use water jets at up to 2,000 bar to simultaneously deburr and clean vehicle components. At the heart of the plant are special HE spec Stäubli robots that are designed for wet room applications and wet spray areas.

These plants are used in the automotive industry for the deburring of complex components. Deburring with a high-pressure water jet has two key advantages: components can be effectively deburred and at the same time cleaned to a high standard due to the high kinetic energy of the water jet.

The job of the Stäubli HE robot is to handle the parts. The six-axis model picks up the waiting components, moves them along a precisely predetermined path to facilitate deburring and cleaning by the high-pressure water jet and then returns them to the production line. “What sounds simple in theory is a sensitive process that requires a lot of expertise,” says CEO Franz Silberhorn. “After all, these systems are used to deburr and clean high-precision products for the automotive industry.”

During the course of many years’ service, the robots must function flawlessly in their stainless steel cells whilst being constantly exposed to water splashes and 100-percent humidity. The fully enclosed Stäubli six-axis robots in HE finish (HE stands for Humid Environment) cope marvelously well with these extreme conditions and have proven themselves to full satisfaction in the deburring cells.

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