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Stäubli Used Robot Trade-In Program

Stäubli Robotics

Stäubli Robotics has launched a new trade-in program, allowing customers to receive credit toward new robots in exchange for their used robots, regardless of manufacturer, year or model.
The program makes a credit of up to $10,000 available toward the purchase of a new robot from Stäubli, enabling customers to cash in outdated technology for the latest and greatest. “Technology changes all the time in our industry,” remarked David Arceneaux, Operations Manager/Assistant Division Manager for Stäubli Robotics. “This program makes it more economically feasible for customers to take advantage of recent advances in automation, upgrade their equipment, and quickly realize the benefits of having more efficient processes.”
The program is open to new and existing customers, offering a bottom-line incentive to upgrade a used machine, even if it came from another manufacturer, and invest in a more efficient and reliable robotic system that can increase productivity and profits.

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