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Stäubli Robotic Tool Changers: The combination of great ideas

Stäubli Robotics

Stäubli is well known for the outstanding quality of its robots as well as its fluid and electric connectors. This dual expertise makes us the only manufacturer of robotic tool changers with in-house experience in both robotics and connectors. Over the past 20 years, we have not only designed the best locking mechanisms for robotic tool changers, but also developed a complete robotic tool changer package with a modular system for adding a broad range of connectors.
Our MPS line is the fastest-growing tool changer product in North America. The MPS630 is designed to meet all the criteria of automotive body shops with one model, enabling OEM’s to save on spare parts and training.  With a payload of up to 1,400 lbs. and a very compact size, the MPS630 is the perfect choice for all body-in-white applications from material handling (including robot framing) to riveting and welding. The MPS630’s superior accuracy makes it suitable for even the most demanding applications, such as ”best fit”. Thanks to the proven benefits of the MPS630 and our nationwide Sales and Service presence, Stäubli has been awarded many contracts to supply all body shop tool changers for large automotive OEM’s.
With tool changers capable of handling payloads from 40 lbs. to 3300 lbs., Stäubli offers the right product for any application. To date, our tool changers have very successfully entered the market for aircraft assembly processes. Our MultiDNet electrical connector is perfectly designed to process communication and servo power for high-speed milling tools with a weight of 900 lbs. to machine carbon fiber parts. The same connector is used for servo-electric weld guns.
Stäubli has also developed a robotic tool changer with a completely sealed housing specifically for dirty environments, as e.g. for sand blasting and shot peening applications, now up and running to the great satisfaction of our customers.
Stäubli’s tool changers feature the well-known standard locking unit, but they can be customized for a variety of special applications such as press shop and paint shop projects. For more information, contact your local Stäubli Sales Engineer or the Stäubli Customer Service Department at (864) 845-9193.

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