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Tapeswitch Update: Simple - Complex Robotics Machine Safety/Sensing/Contact Detection/ Machine Safety Edges

Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation Safety Edges For Simple - Complex Machine Safety/Contact Detection/Emergency Shutdown Solution For OEM Machinery/Equipment Integration on transferring equipment, lifts, conveyors in the Material Handling Sector.

Safety and Sensing Control Edges for Machine Safety/Contact Detection/Sensing Applications

Tapeswitch Corporation is a leading manufacturer of several lines of safety edges for emergency stop sensing devices in various standard TS models in different profiles, (low TS-6, 8, 16, 18), medium (TS-26, 26, 48), and high (TS-47, 57, 67,), front and side actuations (TS-26, TS-46, TS-48), curved or formed (Flexion), actuation forces, and colors. The switching elements offer millions of actuations at any point for reliability, durability, and along product life cycle.

Custom Manufactured Solutions For OEMS

In addition to standard models, Tapeswitch Corporation custom manufactures to length, to color, and to lead type and multiple edge assemblies.

Simple Through Complex Contact Detection Applications

The New PCU/1 and PCUEU/1 allow for programmable via software control unit incorporates logic control functions capabilities to the designed bumper system, a modular capability when combining other safety devices to the edge solution, integrating multiple edges in one control unit, and fieldbus capability.

For Safety Edge Specifications, visit the websitecontact Barry Lipsman Tel: 631-370-6553

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