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Tapeswitch Update: Simple To Complex Robotics Machine/Area Guarding /Safety Mat Solutions

Tapeswitch Corporation

Standard/Custom Manufactured Emergency Shutdown Mats

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures safety mats for area guarding/emergency shutdown around machinery to provide an extra or secondary barrier to protect people. Their product lines include models, such as the ControlmatTM (abrasion resistant), ArmormatTM (impact resistant barrier), Safetyzone (molded and sealed), Diamond plate (aluminum and heavy load capable up to 20,000 lbs.) for most applications in standard sizes. They offer edging for mounting and mat edging options. Most mat systems are custom designed to your machine guarding application. Standard fail-safe 4- conductor wiring. Each model type provides for a customization to different machine guarding applications.

Custom Manufactured Solutions For OEMS

In addition to standard sizes, Tapeswitch Corporation custom manufactures and engineers to specifications large area safety systems with multiple mats in different sizes, colors, cut-out types, lead locations, and lead types for simple to complex machine guarding applications.

Simple Through Complex Machine Guarding Mat Solutions

The New PCU/1 and PCUEU/1 allow for programmable via software control unit incorporates logic control functions capabilities to the designed mat system, a modular capacity with combining other safety devices to a single control unit including the mat system, integrating multiple machinery locations in one control unit, a fieldbus capability to your safety mat system.

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