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The RX170 hsm: One-stop Solution for CFRP Machining

Stäubli Robotics

The use of innovative lightweight materials such as carbon fiber is expanding rapidly in the automotive industry, but these composites have their own set of rules for machining purposes. Stäubli has developed an impressive solution for the fast and accurate processing of composite materials with the innovative RX170 hsm machining robot and industry-specific software packages.

There is a huge demand in the automotive industry for fast and precise CFRP machining plant that is also easy to use, flexible in application and able to operate over a large working range. The RX170 hsm is the robot of choice to satisfy such a broad set of criteria. Indeed, Stäubli has opened up a whole new chapter in the precision machining of composite materials with this specialized robot.

Large workpieces can be easily machined thanks to its range of 1,835 millimeters. With the addition of a linear axis, the working range can be expanded by almost any amount to facilitate machining of parts that are several meters long, without encountering problems. The performance of the RX170 hsm is ideal for machining fiber composite materials. Its repeatability is ±0.04mm, which surpasses the automotive industry specification for CFRP machining. Another bonus is that expensive downtime for loading and unloading simply does not occur with this robot. Multiple workstations are grouped around the robot as standard. Consequently, stations can be loaded and worked in alternation. This means that unproductive downtime has become a thing of the past.

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