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Toshiba Machine Launches New Web Site with enhanced features

Toshiba Machine Co., America

Toshiba Machine Co., America launched its new website this month.  It is a great enhancement over the previous site and offers a number of features which will help spread the word about Toshiba Machine’s ever-improving line of advanced industrial robots, as well as our superior resources for service, technical and parts support.
The website has an exciting new look and incorporates many features to facilitate your introduction to Toshiba Machine’s lines of SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots, along with specialty robots such as the FPD handling robot, and our one-board type PLC called TCmini.
The site helps to ensure customers and potential customers have the latest possible data readily available for consideration, and eventual incorporation into their own manufacturing applications.
The new site also features a Sales Network page which allows systems integrators/distributors to access and download our latest technical and promotional materials, again ensuring customers receive current information as quickly as possible.

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