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Visual Components Announces Free Webinar In Conjunction with RIA

Visual Components North America Group

Beyond the Robot-3D Visualization for Complete Robotic Solutions

Visual Components, a 21st Century provider of a powerful suite of 3D factory simulation software solutions, will host a webinar in conjunction with the Robotic Industries Association on September 6, 2012 at 10:00 am EDT.  Webinar registration is free and available online at: http://www.robotics.org/events/event.cfm?id=166

Many of the robot manufacturers have developed independent software solutions to simulate the motion of their robot models.   While these tools are adequate to validate the motions of the robot path program they are limited to the base robot and end-of-arm-tooling.  Total robotic solutions, as expected by the market, must include all the disciplines of the manufacturing process that make up a system. These include not only the validation of the Robot Programs through Off-Line Programming but also Material Flow (discrete event), Resource & Process Planning with verification of the PLC controls logic.

Visual Components offers a solution set that can literally be used “Top Floor to Shop Floor” to address these aspects of a complete robotic system and/or manufacturing process with a true one platform, one product solution (no API magic) with the use of real robot/machine/equipment/process data with virtual controllers or direct connections to the real control system.

This webinar will show and demonstrate how the Visual Components offerings are being used to facilitate simulations of complete robotic systems Beyond the Robot in various applications that encompass the complete Robotic Workcell or Manufacturing Process. The one product solution is offered with (5) five levels of requirements to address the various segments of a system provider from Sales to Power Users. Visual Components will also show and demonstrate that there is no need for individual skill sets or a high level of application training to develop a simulation to completion.

About Visual Components
Visual Components, a Finnish based company, was founded in 1999 by a team of simulation experts who saw the opportunity to bring simulation into the mainstream by developing a much improved and reusable concept for simulation models. Visual Components also saw the direct benefits 3D simulation could offer sales and delivery of automation lines. These simulation experts gained valuable insights into the future of production simulation tools through their careers developing Digital Manufacturing solutions for several other major software vendors. Applying the “lessons learned” by listening to the market and implementing the markets’ functionality requirements,

The additional benefit of Cost of Ownership Visual Components brings to not only enterprise level business but allows the SMBs to enter into the world of simulation, creating market opportunities.  This cost savings is significant in that it can range up to ten times lower than with most 3D simulation software. Conventional 3D software is complex and requires a substantial capital investment, training and maintenance is time-consuming and costly (each year), and allows only a handful of experts to operate or produce “good enough” results.

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