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Compact Precision Smart Seam-Finding System with on-board Color Video Camera for Process Programming and Monitoring

Servo-Robot Inc.

Servo-Robot is introducing the SF/D-H seam finding system to increase robots productivity.

Welding robots are too often underutilized because of their inability to produce quality welds when parts and tooling vary more than the welding process can handle. 

The new SF/D-H is the latest in our line of smart seam finding systems with on-board process control.  The unique design makes it possible to mount it directly under the robot flange thus making it very compact. The color video camera helps the operator to more efficiently develop robot programs and remotely monitor the welding process. 

The four different available communication interfaces protocols allow the SF/D-H to be integrated to any robot brand of almost any vintage. 

Use 100% of the production time of your robots and save on investment and space.  SF/D-H mounted directly under the robot flange for minimal interference. Easily find butt and thin lap joints. On-board color video camera for remote programming and monitoring. 

Servo-Robot smart seam-finding systems offer the following advantages: 

• Easy to program and use. Very easy to retrofit to blind robots.  
• Reduce the cycle time by increasing the search speed compared to touch sensing (more parts per day).
• Find joints (lap, butt, etc.) on thin sheets or butt joints down to 0.6 millimeters.
• Can be used on any metallic parts (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.).  
• High precision: 0.05 mm resolution.
• Very fast: up to 1000 Hz sensing frequency
• On-board color video camera for remote programming and monitoring 

Please request information about Servo-Robot Smart Seam Finding systems. We will be happy to assist you in determining how it will help you.

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