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Servo-Robot Zeus Power Equipment

Servo-Robot Inc.

Servo-Robot has successfully seamlessly integrated its new AUTOTRAC/MINI seam tracker to Zeus Power equipment manufactured by Daehong Mechatronics from Korea. Zeus Power equipment is mainly used for Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).
Servo-Robot Zeus Power EquipmentUp until now, Zeus Power could only offer the mechanical probe for joint tracking utilizing linear slides for lateral and vertical motion. The system has been retrofit with a MINI-I/D Servo-Robot laser tracking camera which is part of the AUTOTRAC/MINI system. Only the probe itself needs to be replaced for the retrofit. The slides, as well as the control unit for the slides, remain the same so the retrofit can be accomplished very quickly.
Very often, the mechanical probe does not track the seam reliably which means the operator needs to manually adjust the position of the torch. The presence of the operator is mandatory.    
The use of the MINI-I/D eliminates the problem arising from the fact that the probe has a very short stroke. The laser vision system's field of view is large and deep and no positioning adjustments are required in order to set the welding wire position with respect to the part. This is especially key for a multi-pass configuration. Position joint offsets during tracking can be applied directly via the teach pendant which is very helpful. This cannot be done with a probe. 
This integrated system offers to pipe manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of large  components, a cost efficient solution to improve their productivity and product quality, thus opening new market possibilities for their products.

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