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MINI-I/D Digital Laser-Camera with MINI-BOX

Servo-Robot Inc.

The Most Compact Tracking System on the Market

Cost effective real-time joint tracking system including the "MINI" digital laser-camera, and a very compact control unit for mounting on robot arm or special welding machine.

This system can be easily retrofitted onto any existing hard automation machine that either has no tracking installed or is presently using a mechanical probe.
The MINI-I/D laser-camera has an embedded 2-D color video camera which can be used for process monitoring and remote teaching. The system is operated using an ergonomic teach pendant that provides instantaneous feedback to the operator. Servo-Robot laser vision sensing will greatly improve the productivity and quality in a variety of industries including pipe mills, as well as fabrication of large components like pressure vessels requiring multi-pass welding.
Benefits of the MINI-I/D laser-camera and MINI-BOX Control Unit:

  • Cost effective laser-camera & embedded control unit
  • Real-time high precision joint tracking system
  • Interface available for articulated robots and numerically controlled welding machines
  • Very small look-ahead distance is possible
  • Designed to withstand very harsh welding environments 

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