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Handle With Care: Robotic System Packages Muffins

Adept Technology, Inc.


At Otis Spunkmeyer improper handling of muffins as they were being depanned from the oven was resulting in damage to the final product. The customer needed to improve handling quality while increasing handling speed.


As the muffins are depanned they are conveyed to the packaging areas where two robotic pick-and-place machines are located. Three muffins are picked at a time by each robot and placed into plastic trays. The plastic trays are traveling on a conveyor alongside the muffin conveyor for a smooth operation. The movements are gentle so the muffins are not damaged and operations can handle up to 180 muffins per minute. The robot relies on Adept's integrated vision system to locate each muffin and relay its position and orientation to the controller that guides the robot to the exact location enabling it to pick up the product. The robot is controlled by an Adept MV-Controller that automatically adjusts the speed of the robot and conveyer for accuracy.

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