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JMP Makes Year Count for Kids in Engineering

JMP Engineering

LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada (March 30, 2012) -  As JMP Engineering wraps up its fiscal year, its Social Responsibility Committee reviewed contributions that JMP has made over the past 12 months - particularly those community investments that have helped connect local students with engineering.

With two sponsorships going to local high school robotics teams and another to a university mechanical engineering competition, JMP is proud to have contributed to programs that open the doors to the world of engineering. The programs sponsored offered a hands-on, collaborative experience that encouraged the creative application of problem-solving skills in a fun environment. In fact, the two high school teams JMP sponsored made it from the local level to the international stage with their robot inventions.

The teams included over 30 high school students, with science, technology, business, manufacturing and computer programming skills. Each team formed several groups, including sponsorship, engineering, design, strategy and programming, often spending 10 hours a week of their own time to perfect their engineering solution.

"JMP does get requests for donations from a wide variety of charities," said Brian Hughes, VP of Human Resources at JMP and the Chair of the Social Responsibility Committee. "And we do support a lot of requests for sponsorship that come from our own employees. But we're engineers at heart and there's a special kind of connection knowing that we can help kick start the development of the next generation of engineers."

JMP staff are already looking ahead to the next year of community involvement and creating ways to bring more of JMP's pioneering spirit to light a spark in students that leads them down the path to a career in engineering.

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