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JMP Engineering Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary by Taking Aim at the Next 25 Years

JMP Engineering

Some companies make it to their silver anniversary and decide it's time to relax and enjoy the spoils of the last 25 years. Not JMP Engineering. They are celebrating their first 25 years with an eye keenly focused on where the next 25 will take them.
In 1987, two engineers founded JMP Engineering in London, Ontario to provide high quality control solutions to local manufacturers. Today, JMP employs over 120 employees across North America and still delivers local solutions through their branch offices leveraging global expertise that embody JMP's core values of integrity, relationships, excellence, leadership, collaboration and respect.
Every JMP employee, partner and vendor recognizes that [at JMP] "We do what we say we'll do, every time. All the time." And president and owner Scott Shawyer wouldn't have it any other way.
The underlying promise that we make to our clients can be spelled out in six words: exceptional communication, radical commitment, and guaranteed performance," said Scott, reflecting on JMP's growth and success over the past 25 years. "We have refined our processes and the way we deliver projects, and now we are taking what we've learned over the past 25 years and using these insights to build the foundation for our plans for the next 5, 10, 25 years."
From the time Scott joined the company in 1996, his career path paralleled JMP's growth, a symbiosis that continued as he took over as president in 2001 and became sole owner in 2005. Under Scott's leadership, JMP established branches in Windsor, Troy, Cambridge, Burlington, Toronto, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Dallas, and expanded the breadth of the company's competencies to include Information and Automation (with a 15,000 sq. ft. Automation facility in London).
JMP has delivered more than 10,000 projects for more than 1,000 clients worldwide, and has been recognized in the industry with awards that include the Control Engineering System Integrator Hall of Fame, the Packaging Digest Integrator Hall of Fame, and the Microsoft Impact award, plus an award for Excellence in Human Resources from the London Chamber of Commerce. It is this award that perhaps speaks the loudest about what makes JMP such a vibrant success story. At its core, JMP is a services company, and it is the employees that strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience on every project.
Brian Hughes, VP of Human Resources, agrees that the right employees are vital to JMP's success. "We are grateful that so many talented people have chosen JMP as a place to design and build their career," he said. "We strive to provide an environment where employees can take control of their futures using their strengths and natural talents every day."
Being a values-driven organization makes scouting, hiring and talent development all critical to how JMP operates. The systems, processes and tools provided to employees at JMP enable them to maximize their potential to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.
JMP's reputation for delivering these customer experiences in almost every sector has earned them repeat business with some of the most recognizable brands in North America.
"If you had cereal for breakfast, drove to work, put fuel in your car, had a chocolate bar, took the kids to the doctor to get vaccinated, then took them to an aquarium and down a waterslide, you could have run into a JMP project," said Paul Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing. "If you've insulated your attic, turned on the lights, put spice on your steak, or enjoyed a cold beer, well it's pretty much guaranteed."
Looking ahead to the next 25 years, JMP Engineering is uniquely poised to keep helping people and businesses realize their full potential by continually redefining what is possible. With a well-defined vision and the guiding principles of their brand promise firmly established, it is the employees at JMP who will continue to power the growth and success of this company - a company that started 25 years ago with two men and an idea, now a multi-national success story that can compete on a global scale by offering clients the local touch.
 Paul Wilson
 Vice President
(519) 652-2741

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