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RobotWorx Welding Workcells: The New RW2450




RobotWorx Welding Workcells: The New RW2450Wednesday, January 16, 2008 (Robotics Online ) – A new welding robot cell has been introduced by RobotWorx, a Gold Integrator Member of the industry trade group, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

The RW2450 turnkey system includes a robot, controller, teach pendant, part positioner, and safety system. Easily customized to fit individual parts and application needs, this pre-engineered welding system is designed to increase process speed and accuracy. Its relatively compact footprint covers an area 4597mm x 3658mm x 2667mm.

Compact Motoman Robot
At the heart of the RW2450 is a reconditioned Motoman UP6 XRC robot. This 6-axis robot was chosen for its speed, compact size and accuracy. The lightweight UP6 offers a low 6kg payload and 1,373mm horizontal reach. The robot is equipped with an air cooled welding torch, wire feeder, and Miller Auto Invision II 450 pulsing power source.

Speedy Part Positioner
RobotWorx outfitted this workcell with the quickest in part positioning systems. Twin headstock/tailstocks attach to both sides of the 180 degree indexing table and bring parts to the torch with speed. The positioners have a 450kg capacity and a 5 ft. space between face plates.

This efficient positioner increases throughput and reduces cycle time. The robot welds parts on one side of the positioner, while more parts are loaded to the other side. A quick spin, and the process continues. The head and tailstock is designed to shield the operator when loading parts. Positioner and robot synchronizing is controlled and monitored from an Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 operator station.

Complete Safety Package
RobotWorx keeps operator and robot safety at the forefront. This system has a full safety enclosure package. Steel fencing and arc glare curtains form the workcell’s exterior structure. Other safety features include light curtains and interlocking doors.

Contact Us
Interested in the RobotWorx RW2450 Pre-engineered Weld Cell or another customized turnkey workcell? Call 740-383-8383 for more information or visit www.robots.com.

RobotWorx is an industrial robotics integrator located in Central Ohio. Specializing in welding automation systems, RobotWorx buys and sells new and refurbished robots.



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