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Case Studies

Industry : Consumer Goods/Appliances

Easy Does It: Robotic Packing and Palletizing of Lightbulbs

POSTED: 06/01/2008

Problem: A lightbulb manufacturer faced intense pressure to produce high-quality, reliable products while keeping consumer costs low. In this extremely competitive market, this manufacturer needed to maintain production uptime, improve reliability and minimize product damage.  To meet

Assembly Challenges No Match for Robotic System

POSTED: 06/01/2008

Problem: Feeding parts for the assembly of Honeywell's round thermostat presented many challenges.  One part presented two major challenges -- its natural tendency to tangle when fed in bulk and the manufacturing process for this particular part id not allow for integration of automation equipment. The need to present precisely oriented

At the ‘‘Fore-Front’‘ of Automation: Acushnet Uses Robot to Handle Golf Balls

POSTED: 02/05/2005

Robots and Titleist golf balls might seem an unusual pairing.  However, Acushnet Company (Fairhaven, Massachusetts) -- the leading producer of Titleist® and Pinnacle® golf balls,  Titleist® and Cobra® golf clubs, FootJoy® shoes and gloves, and other golf-related equipment and accessories -- is at the ‘‘fore-front’‘ of golf-ball manufacturing technology,

ToyMaker 3000

POSTED: 06/03/2004

What is one of the most sophisticated Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) assembly factories doing at a Museum?  ToyMaker 3000, now open permanently at The Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago, produces an assembled Gravitron toy top at a rate of

Vacuum Gripper System Meets Increasing Demands for Handling Packages of Varying Shape and Size

POSTED: 04/16/2004

The use of robots for placing products in containers, transferring those containers between different stations in the packaging lines and palletizing them is becoming increasingly prevalent in all industries. Robots, with their ability to use a variety of end-of-arm tools [EOAT], provide the high-speed ‘‘pick and place’‘ palletizing ability needed to

Stäubli Six Axis Robots Benefit Cell Phone Assembly

POSTED: 02/04/2004

Company:  Stäubli Corporation Industry:  Consumer Goods Application:  Assembly Product or Part Automated:  Cell phones Robot Model or Type:  RX 60 Robot Integrator: EIMO Americas Key Peripheral Supplier (special tooling, machine vision, etc.): Spectra Technologies Total Robots Installed:  12 Date Installed:  June 2002 Shifts Per

Material Handling On the MoneyReprinted with permission from Robotics World

POSTED: 11/18/2002

The European Single Currency, the Euro, made its debut in January. April 2001 marked the service introduction of a robot production line set up by GAPE-CEMES at Monnaie de Paris (the Paris Mint) for packaging boxes of Euro coins. Quite naturally, Stäubli robots found themselves a

Stäubli's RX95 Robot Integrated in an Automated Cell


 Faverges (France) In Switzerland at GIVAUDAN ROURE SA, a RX95 robot has been integrated in an automated cell. It performs the dosage and weighs the raw materials, which compose perfume bases. GIVAUDAN ROURE employees 680 people in the Swiss plant of Vernier built in 1898. Specialized in scented product mixes manufacturing,

Robotic System Improves Product Quality


Problem: Today even makers of products in the cosmetics and toiletry industries have to consistently provide the best possible quality. This is true for the products themselves as well as their packaging.  The decision makers at Goldwell needed a way to avoiding constant contact between the shampoo bottles

Molding Optically Clear Lenses for Cellular Phones


Yushin Servo Robots ideal for clean- room applications.  Case sited: molding optically clear lenses for cellular phones.  Problem: InteSeys (Gilbert Arizona), performs multiple, sequential manufacturing processes for a major cellular phone manufacturer.  Digital-readout lenses are molded, with in-mold decoration.  An adhesive foam pad and a lens protector are

STÄUBLI Robots Perform the Grinding of Sinks


 Faverges (France) -  Increase in productivity and quality, Intersan Company, the leader in bathroom accessory manufacturing, acquired a RX170 L robot to automate the grinding of aluminium and stainless steel sinks. Prior to the robot's installation, these operations were carried out manually. Presently, 13 sinks of different shapes and sizes are

KUKA Robot Well-Suited to Flexible Motion Sequence in Cutting and Deburring Operation


Problem: The user, a medium-sized business, works in three shifts throughout the year, producing toboggans and child seats. The company manufactures 70,000 to 80,000 toboggans per season. After plastic parts finish going through the blow molding process, holes are cut in them while they are still hot; after

Small Robots Reduce Costs in Paint Cells


Several years ago Rodgers Finishing Tools, Inc. (RFT), a finishing systems integrator and paint tooling manufacturer in Lebanon, Indiana, was looking for the one thing that would make the company's self-contained painting system even better: A compact robot that could be ceiling mounted. Even without the ideal

Robotic Coating: Robots Improve Productivity at Glasland Industries


Glasland Industries Inc., a manufacturer of fiberglass products, recently converted its chop and gel coating area from manual operations to robotics after the company was awarded a large contract to manufacture the fiberglass housings of ventilation fans for use in hen houses. Aggressive production plans and

New Automated Painting System from Stäubli Robotics


New Automated Painting System from Stäubli Robotics There is an increasing demand for many types of consumer goods to be available in a range of attractive colour finishes, rather than the traditional standard black or grey. Witness mobile phones, televisions, and portable hi-fis'; even PCs. The painting

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