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Robotic Resources

Case Studies

May 2013

Grippers that Hold Up in Extremely Tough Environments

POSTED: 05/10/2013

Bremen Castings, a precision CNC machine shop and foundry located in Bremen, Indiana, has a tough job to do. Producing gray iron castings from recycled material is a job

April 2013

Staubli Robotics – Partner of the Automotive Industry

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Over recent years, Stäubli Robotics has established a reputation as a reliable partner of the automotive industry. Manufacturers and leading suppliers in the Tier 1 and OEM categories all around the world now utilize Stäubli robots. TS series SCARA robots, the six-axis RX and TX models as well as numerous

Staubli Machine Tool Automation

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Endurance test for a robot Klubert + Schmidt, a prominent supplier of components to manufacturers of commercial vehicles, recently provided a prime example of the extreme demands made on robotics in the loading and unloading of machine tools. It was only with the installation of a sturdy and reliable

High-Tech Robotic Solutions in Milk Testing

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Milk is among the most strictly regulated foods in the market. As one of the agencies responsible for implementing the Milk Quality Ordinance in Germany, the Milchprüfring Bayern (MPR; Bavarian Association for Raw Milk Testing) testing organization operates conceivably the world’s largest and most modern laboratory (in Wolnzach, Germany). The

Automated Seat Testing with Precision Robots

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Setting quality standards When it comes to car seats, automobile manufacturers leave nothing to chance, because they know that this item is crucial not only for the passengers’ comfort but also for their safety. The seat is the interface between the driver and the vehicle and must satisfy a

Assembly of Parking Distance Sensors Using Robots

POSTED: 04/26/2013

A high-precision task The production of around 200,000 parking distance sensors daily represents an exceptional challenge for automation. In particular, assembly of the contact pins and associated integrated quality control requires the utmost precision whilst maintaining high-speed duty cycles. At prestigious systems manufacturer Kutzschbach Electronic, the decision was

Plastic Components Milled by Robots

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Quantum leap in technology Although the design of plastic exterior parts for the automotive industry is nowadays performed using sophisticated computer systems, traditional mold-making and hand-finishing methods still dominate production. Austrian premium manufacturer POLYTEC is now using state-of-the-art robotic machining, and is thriving on it. POLYTEC CAR STYLING

Robots Coat Headlamp Lenses

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Hi-tech for a clear view Protective coatings on modern plastic headlamp lenses are considered an absolute necessity nowadays. Pioneering automation technology facilitates the application of transparent protective layers that are only a few microns thick. GfO Gesellschaft für Oberflächentechnik AG is Europe’s leading system provider of high-quality

High-Precision Laser Cutting in the Automotive Industry

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Innovative solution The multiple advantages of laser cutting have established this thermal separation process as a viable option for a range of applications in the automotive industry. Indeed, it is the first choice for non-contact precision cutting of various materials where minimum use of force is a main criterion.

Reliable Mass Production of Brake Light Switches

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Eight million units per year The production of eight million brake light switches annually is subject to its own set of priorities. Flexibility is less important here than other factors such as maximization of output and reliability of process. A pioneering plant with an efficient precision injection molding machine

Precision Assembly with a Six-Axis Robot

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Continental Automotive Electronics in Sejong City (South Korea) operates an innovative circuit board assembly line that makes use of a six-axis TX60 precision robot supplied by Stäubli. In the past, assembly of the printed circuit boards was done manually in a three-shift operation. For some time now, assembly work

Specialist in humid environment finish

POSTED: 04/26/2013

Deburring and cleaning with specialized robots The REZ robotic deburring cells manufactured by Maschinenbau Silberhorn GmbH use water jets at up to 2,000 bar to simultaneously deburr and clean vehicle components. At the heart of the plant are special HE spec Stäubli robots that are designed for wet room

The RX170 hsm: One-stop Solution for CFRP Machining

POSTED: 04/26/2013

The use of innovative lightweight materials such as carbon fiber is expanding rapidly in the automotive industry, but these composites have their own set of rules for machining purposes. Stäubli has developed an impressive solution for the fast and accurate processing of composite materials with the innovative RX170 hsm machining

February 2013

Plastics Unlimited

POSTED: 02/08/2013

ISO 13849-1 IN ACTION: Plastics Unlimited in Preston, Iowa   For most people, the coming of a new year means new resolutions. For many U.S. manufacturers, however, a new year often means new regulations – and this year has been no different. Perhaps one of this

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