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Robotic Resources

Case Studies

Peripherals: Touch Sensor

A Stäubli RX130 CR Robot Used for Wafer Production

POSTED: 06/01/2008

Faverges (France) - - MEMC Electronics Materials located in Novara, Italy, is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. MEMC recently installed an STÄUBLI RX130 Cleanroom robot automating a very delicate production step: the unloading of wafer cassettes from the wet bench process and the loading of

KUKA Robot Handles Ingress/Egress Seat Testing


Problem: (Other Application: Ingress/Egress Seat Testing) Lear Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of automotive seats in the industry. The headquarters located in Southfield, Michigan contains the most sophisticated testing equipment for simulating car seat fatigue over an extended period of time. Terry O'Bannon, Lear's Senior Engineer

Flexible Disk Media Handling with RX Robots


  Faverges (France) - - The demand for increased memory in personal computers continues to explode. In 1997 well over 100,000,000 disk drives will be shipped containing over 350,000,000 individual disks. This volume presents a challenge of efficient product handling and tracking to insure high quality as well

Efficiency Improved in Molding Auto Parts


Problem: InteSeys Technologies, Inc, molds a wide range of parts for automotive applications as well as others.  InteSeys has been molding large, complex 100-pin connectors for a popular U.S.-made automobile for four years.  Before using a servo robot in this application, two operators were required to load six-

Custom Injection Molder Chooses Zero-Backlash Robots


When Triple S evaluated robots for future expansion of automated cells in their factories, they selected a robot as much for what it doesn't do as for what it does do. No backlash. 'If a robot over-accelerates between positions, when it stops it has to 'find itself' which causes it to

A Robot Palletizer for the Sugar and Flour Industry


Problem: In recent years, strong competition and the need to find new purchasing stimuli for the consumer, has led large distributors to develop new sales outlet shelving concepts. As was the case in the mineral water and soft-drinks sector, solutions have also been developed for 1 kg

Factory Five Racing and Robotic Production Technology Team Up to Improve Kit Trimming Quality and Cost


Challenge Factory Five Racing, Inc. is a kit car company based in Wareham, Mass. that produces affordable Roadster replicas.  For seven years the company hand trimmed the kit panels using router and trim fixtures.  The trimming results varied depending on the person who did the trimming

Alstom Services S.A (France) - Automated Assembly: a Large Scale Application A Large Scale...


Faverges (France) -  For 25 years, ALSTOM SERVICES S.A. Systems and Services is one of the main European automated assembly experts with increasing participation in the international market. This company, located very close to the international airport of LYON SATOLAS, has already shipped several cells with Stäubli

Precision Welding Robots Rev Up Motorcycle Frame Production


Challenges Increase manufacturing capacity to 50-60 frames per day. Reduce dependency on a small number of skilled manual welders.

Controlled Precision -- Robotic Welding with Touch and Arc Sensors


  When the textile machine manufacturer Trützschler makes rotary drums for high-performance carding machines, extremely high precision is demanded. Although the drums are made of solid steel plates, once they have been turned and ground they must meet extremely tight tolerances at high rotational speeds. This level of precision is made

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