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Robotic Resources

Case Studies

Application: Material Removal & Cutting

Router Trimming system produces Class A surfaces

POSTED: 08/28/2008

Challenge Durakon Industries, headquartered in Lapeer, Mich., is the world’s leading supplier of vehicle protection and cargo management systems for original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. In trimming a variety of large, molded in color automotive exterior trim components, Durakon needed a robotic router trimming solution that could meet the

Trimming challenging materials with waterjet

POSTED: 08/11/2008

Challenge Plastics Unlimited is an Iowa-based company that manufactures custom thermoformed products including automotive and recreational vehicle trim, shipping pallets, packaging materials, covers and shrouds. Plastics Unlimited has also developed a unique,

Carbon Fiber Part Router Trimming

POSTED: 08/11/2008

Challenge PlasanUSA, a Vermont, USA, based manufacturer of custom carbon and fiberglass composite automotive components, is a major supplier of automotive fenders, hoods and roof panels for leading American sports cars. When Plasan (then Vermont Composites) won the business

Stäubli RX Robots Preparing the Euro!


In January 2002, the European Single Currency, the Euro, will be available to all. April 2001 marked the service introduction of a robot production line set up by GAPE-CEMES at Monnaie de Paris - the Paris Mint - for packaging boxes of Euro coins. Quite naturally, Stäubli robots found themselves

STÄUBLI Robots Perform the Grinding of Sinks


 Faverges (France) -  Increase in productivity and quality, Intersan Company, the leader in bathroom accessory manufacturing, acquired a RX170 L robot to automate the grinding of aluminium and stainless steel sinks. Prior to the robot's installation, these operations were carried out manually. Presently, 13 sinks of different shapes and sizes are

Small Part Deburring


Problem: Intensive manual labor in a high temperature environment required to unload powdered metal parts from a press deburr and load into an oven for hardening. Solution: Design of a turnkey robotic system to automated the load/unload deburring process.  The operator is no longer required in the high temperature environment. 

Robotic Trimming Cell Increases Throughput & Reduces Scrap on Sharp-Edged Injection Molded Parts


Problem: Accurately removing the sharp edge of a parting line on an SUV exterior trim component can be a challenging operation, especially when high-volume production is involved.  Moldplas (Windsor, Ontario), a division of AP Plasman, is an injection mold designer and part producer that had the challenge of finding a better

Large Part Handling & Deburring


Problem: Intensive manual labor required to deburr engine crankshaft and provide a way to check for quality of previous operation. Solution: Design of a turnkey system to automated the process of deburring and performing a quality check of previous operation on two crankshaft styles.  The robot is able to manipulate

Kuntz Electroplating Automated Wheel Polishing System


Problem Statement Kuntz Electroplating Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario is one of the world’s largest independent OEM chrome plating suppliers, producing millions of plated automotive wheels, bumpers and other components annually. Kuntz is a family owned business which has been in operation for over 50 years, employs over 1,000 people at

KUKA Robot Well-Suited to Flexible Motion Sequence in Cutting and Deburring Operation


Problem: The user, a medium-sized business, works in three shifts throughout the year, producing toboggans and child seats. The company manufactures 70,000 to 80,000 toboggans per season. After plastic parts finish going through the blow molding process, holes are cut in them while they are still hot; after

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