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Robotic Resources

Tech Papers

July 2003

New Coordination Algorithms Improve the Throughput of a GM Press Line

POSTED: 07/01/2003

Introduction: Previous research [1, 2] had confirmed our ability to control motion with

February 2000

Survey of Robotic Seam Tracking Systems for Arc Welding

by Mark Scherler

POSTED: 02/24/2000

One of the main process problems of robotic arc welding is the consistency which needs to be maintained while making part after part. A quality weld can only be achieved if the weld seam of each part moves less than the diameter of the weld wire from the programmed weld

December 1999

Robotic Welding Basics

POSTED: 12/01/1999

What welding tasks are suitable for automation? The short answer is repetitive tasks on similar pieces. Obviously, the number of items of any one type to be welded must be continually high enough to justify automating the process. If the joints to be welded on a workpiece are few, straight, and


Reducing Cycle Time and Increasing Throughput in Robotic Material Handling Applications


Introduction Advantages of using robots in material handling applications include speed, payload capacity and consistent productivity. Increases in throughput are typically necessary to keep pace with production demands without installing additional robot cells. The techniques presented here will enable you to attain higher productivity from a given amount of floorspace

How to Remove the Return Motion in Robotic Path Planning


  Abstract A novel closed loop track based multi-head robot has been developed to increase material handing throughput. This robot allows for waves of autonomous robot heads to move materials in the working path by eliminating the traditional return path. This is advantageous for the singulation of product from bulk, for

Clamping Down on Holding Capacity Standards


Recently, you may have referenced materials for the purchase of clamps, including viewing the product specifications.  You found that the data for clamps varied company to company.  So, you ask, when is a 1000-lb. holding capacity clamp really a 1000 lb. holding capacity clamp?  And, how is holding capacity defined? 

Case or Tray Packaging of Stand Up Pouches


Due to the unique dynamics of stand up pouches, case and/or tray packing of stand up pouches is dependent on engineering, marketing, shipping, financing and more. [Exhibit - Corporate Structure] Engineering is concerned with providing a means to efficiently, quickly and flexibly pack stand up pouches into shipping containers using

Laser processing of 3D-plastic components - the best answer may be a 'Laser Robot'

by Stefan Maier


 Today's plastic components, especially in the automotive industry, are becoming more and more complex. The enormous possibilities that these plastic materials offer have been recognized by the designer, and are being used more than ever before. This has created components that can no longer be processed economically with conventional cutting

Safety Mats


Presence sensing mats combined with a safety mat controller improve productivity while providing access guarding. Less downtime occurs because it is not necessary to set up or remove mechanical safety barriers during operation and maintenance. Presence sensing mats and controls are used where perimeter access guarding is required, such as around

Choice of Protective Measures


 When a risk assessment shows that a machine or process carries a risk of injury the hazard must be eliminated or contained. How this is done will depend on the nature of the machine and the hazard. In basic terms this means preventing any access to the relevant parts while

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