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Advanced Welding Techniques

October 24, 2013
Noon to 1 PM ET

Advanced Welding Techniques - FREE Webinar

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This webinar will present advanced robotic welding techniques.  Beyond the basic concepts of resistance spot welding and arc welding, trends such as laser, plasma and hybrid welding will be explored. The importance of fast and reliable welds will be presented along with a number of common weld defects and approaches to avoid them or to detect them in a robotic production setting.  In addition the use of external axes to control robot as well as part motions simultaneously will be shown.

Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced robotic welding techniques.
  • Laser, plasma and hybrid welding.
  • Fast and reliable welding.
  • Common welding defects and how to avoid or detect them in production.
  • The use of external axes to control robot and part motions simultaneously. 
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KUKA Robotics Corporation

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