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Spring 2009 Robot Safety Conference

Exhibitor Product Spotlights

ABB Inc.

SafeMove – next generation in Robot Safety 
SafeMove is a software and electronics based safety solution that restricts robot motion to precise actions, so operators and robots can work closer together. When you integrate SafeMove you can cut down on external safety equipment, free up lots of valuable space and gain instant savings on installation and maintenance. SafeMove makes things flow in a way that’s leaner, more economic and far more flexible. SafeMove. Lets you do a whole lot more with a whole lot less. 

Applied Robotics, Inc.

Applied Robotics Inc., a leading global manufacturer of robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions, brings you its newest gripper product designed specifically for handling meat and other fresh and frozen food products. The new Meat Gripper is the only gripper accepted by the USDA and adheres to all production cleaning guideline, allowing sanitization to be performed quickly and easily. The Applied Robotics Meat Gripper was specifically designed to handle all types of meat, fish and cheese in various fresh, cooked, frozen and sliced forms. The hygienic wash-down safe gripper features a unique pick up head that enables portions or groups of portions of product to be loaded gently, accurately and quickly into any packaging system or production process.

ATI Industrial Automation

Robotic Collision Sensor
ATI Industrial Automation has just released the newest addition to its line of Robotic Collision Sensors. The SR-61 was developed to provide a lower-range Collision Sensor than our SR-81 model, but with a similar robust design. ATI’s patented design includes an automatic reset feature that benefits workplace safety. After the robot crashes, the Collision Sensor will automatically reset when the robot removes the tooling from the crash-causing object. Compliant in the X, Y and Z axes, this capability provides a safer method for resetting by making it unnecessary for personnel to enter the robotic work cell.

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Bosch Rexroth aluminum framing is ideal for safety guarding.
Unlike welded steel, bolt-together aluminum framing from Bosch Rexroth assembles quickly and easily. The clear anodized surface needs no painting, and it's also easier to reconfigure, move or re-use elsewhere in your factory. Besides that, it looks great, making a favorable impression on your customers and your employees.


"Fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry"
DE-STA-CO offers a complete line of Vacuum Products including the "Auto Release Venturi" or “ARV”, a single air line venturi with integrated blow-off and standard silencer. The single air line operation reduces the cost and complexity of the plumbing associated with automation end effectors. The ARV’s integrated blow-off feature offers instant panel release which increases line speed and therefore throughput. The standard built-in silencer lowers noise levels to below industrial standards, reducing operator fatigue. An optional vacuum sensor port allows for part-present sensing which can be directly mounted on the ARV body, or remotely mounted on the automation. With a comprehensive offering of mounting options, the ARV can be used in virtually any end-effector automation configuration with ease.

DENSO Robots

As the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturer, DENSO has been a pioneer and global leader in the design and development of industrial robot arms since the 1960s. DENSO is also the world’s largest user of small assembly robots, with more than 16,000 DENSO robots used in its own manufacturing facilities. More than 37,000 additional DENSO robots are used in other companies worldwide. DENSO Robotics offers a wide range of compact, high-precision, four-, five- and six-axis robots, for payloads up to 20 kg and reaches from 350 to 1,300 mm. Repeatability is to within ±0.015 mm. Cleanroom, dust and mistproof and standard models are available to accommodate many different applications. 

Fortress Interlocks

Fortress offers an unrivalled portfolio suitable for applications across a wide industrial base from power generation and distribution, steel, automotive, recycling, building materials, through safeguarding robots and palletizers. With in excess of 40 years experience in the safety market, Fortress is renowned for its innovative design, robust engineering and reliability. During these hard economic times we are especially excited to be able to offer Fortress Interlocks’ new development for T/K interlocks suitable for robot applications with no need for wiring at the entry gate, hence a cost saving. The DM-I internal release actuator provides an internal release facility in multi-access applications allowing personnel to exit from inside the guarded area if necessary. Any combination of isolation/access keys are possible, features sequential or non-sequential key operation and utilizes monitoring switches which provide feedback of operation.

KUKA Robotics Corporation

KUKA Robotics Corporation, with its parent company KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots. The company’s 4, 5 and 6 axis robots range from 5kg to 1000kg payloads, and 635mm to 4000mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry and plastics industries and in multiple applications including material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing. 

Leoni Engineering Products & Services, Inc.

LEONI LSH Dress Package
The LEONI LSH-line dresspack offer’s you a new system for perfectly guided, adjustable-length dresspacks for industrial robots.  A specially designed housing guides the dresspack from joints 3 - 6 at variable lengths. A spring retraction system, inside the casing, adjusts the length of the dresspack. Other individual components such as the strain relief, cable and tightening clamps are assembled as part of the complete system.  A High degree of reliability, long service life, and superior Performance, during complex movements set LEONI’s LSH – Line dresspacks apart!

New London Engineering

Since New London has been building custom-made, cost effective conveyors since 1948, we have the experience and know how required for the robotics industry. Our true niche is to modify one of our 50 standard models with the options required for each individual application. We have the processes in place and state of the art tools like 3-D CAD drawings to deliver these kinds of custom solutions. We also recently introduced a complete line of plastic belt conveyors (PlastiTrak), which has proven to provide a whole new set of solutions to today’s material handling challenges. 

PIAB Vacuum Products

Save up to 98% in energy costs
A modular automation tooling solution that allows for up to 98% reduction in compressed air consumption compared to alternative air-powered venturi systems. Combining a COAX® vacuum cartridge with a DURAFLEX® suction cup and a Vacustat check valve, Ultimate PMAT allows manufacturers to construct the most energy efficient vacuum-end effector tools for a variety of general industrial and material handling applications, such as sheet metal stamping, die-casting, injection molding, thermoforming and glass handling. Made of hard-coat anodized aluminum, the Ultimate PMAT tooling is lightweight and easy to assemble on-site without welding or use of special tools, making it ideal for handling materials in both the raw and finished stages of production.

Pilz Automation Safety

A globally recognized leader in safety controls technology, Pilz manufactures and offers a complete line of safe automation solutions and control products including SafetyEYE®. SafetyEYE® is a camera-based three-dimensional monitoring system that safeguards people working in or around hazardous operations. It  uses three dynamic digital cameras positioned above the work area to provide continuous monitoring. A control unit receives the images via fiber optics, analyzes the data and creates a virtual 3-D image of the work area. Then, using configuration software, 3-D zones are established to identify safe and hazardous areas. Once detected SafetyEYE® controls or eliminates the hazard, protecting the worker from injury and the process from interruption. SafetyEYE® can adapt motion to reduce a hazard, rather than completely shut down a machine. In addition, SafetyEYE® has the option of defining virtual zones for the actuation of any process.Complete your safety solution through the expertise of Pilz's worldwide engineering and consulting services. Qualified consultants are available for worldwide services for plant and risk assessment, safety concept, safety design, CE services and safety sign-off.

Wago Corporation

WAGO’s 750-871 ETHERNET TCP/IP 2-Port Programmable Fieldbus Controller utilizes a built-in Ethernet switch to optimize networking while minimizing the overall number of components. The 750-871 can link the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to the ETHERNET fieldbus; dual RJ-45 Fieldbus ports daisychain up to 20 devices — each segment may be up to 100m long — within one series. This provides PLC control to local and networked devices without additional component costs.

WireCrafters LLC

Wirecrafters as the leading supply of Machine Perimeter Guarding in North & South America, Europe and Asia will exhibit it’s Style 840 woven wire and RapidWire, the new welded wire product offering. Features such as removable panels, wire trays and interlocks that are factory installed to simplify installations will be shown. Product quotes are guaranteed within 48-hours with standard product shipment being able to be shipped within 48-hours of receipt. CAD drawings of systems, full Bills of Material and system component parts labeled to correspond with the drawings are standard.

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