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September 2015

Robotic variety pack solution

Intelligrated robotic solutions automate variety pack creation with speed, accuracy Click to read more.

World's Fastest 6-Axis Robots

DENSO's new VS-Series 6-axis robots are the world's fastest in their class. Click to read more.

Nachi's MZ04E Collaborative Robot

World's fastest & lightest compact SAFE ROBOT. Improving ease of use, lowering automation threshold. Click to read more.

Robotic Tool Changer

ATI Robotic Tool Changer offers flexibility allowing the robot to change end-effectors automatically Click to read more.

PalletSolver Software Suite

Permits the setup of pallet patterns and robot motion without taking a robot offline for teaching. Click to read more.

Adjustable Bag Grippers

Grippers with stainless steel fingers for strength & a decker plate system for tight pallet packing Click to read more.

Handheld E-Stop for Instant Safety

Prevent accidents with HRI’s Wireless E-Stop. Safe shutdown of any system with the push of a button. Click to read more.

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