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ArcWorld C-Series

Yaskawa Motoman

The ArcWorld® C series workcells feature an extremely compact footprint with fixed tooling or servo-driven headstock(s). These single-station or dual-station workcells provide affordable, wire-to-weld solutions for small- to medium-sized parts at high production volumes. Mounted on two common bases for quick installation and relocation, the AWC-50 series models feature the high-speed SSA2000 arc welding robot; NX100 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software; integrated welding package; integrated tooling or one or two MH-180 headstocks; operator station; one or two powered roll-up doors; and total safety environment.

The AWC-50 models include a single welding station with fixed tooling or a servo-driven MH-180 headstock. Dual-station models are available with fixed tooling or with two MH-180 headstocks. "S" models feature one or two headstocks that provide the ability to position the part during welding.

Model: AWC-50, AWC-52, AWC-200, AWC-500


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