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ArcWorld II-Series

Yaskawa Motoman

Ideal for a wide variety of general fabrication applications, Motoman ArcWorld® II solutions are economical workcells that provide all the automation required for robotic arc welding.

The ArcWorld II series models feature low- to mid-range positioner performance/payload. Most workcells accommodate a single robot. Fence and positioners are lagged to the floor (unless optional equipment base is purchased).

ArcWorld II workcells feature the high-speed SSA2000 “Expert Arc” welding robot; NX100 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software; integrated welding package; part positioner(s); operator station; and total safety environment that complies with ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 and Canadian safety standards.

ArcWorld II-100 Series: Specifically designed for welding small- to medium-sized workpieces. Both models feature a compact footprint and require minimal work space.

ArcWorld II-200: Provides affordable wire-to-weld solutions for medium to high volume welding applications on small- to medium-sized parts.

ArcWorld II-50 Series: Features a compact footprint and requires minimal installation space. These workcells provide higher welding speeds and higher quality welds at an affordable price.

ArcWorld II-500: Fully integrated, standardized arc welding solution specifically designed for small- to medium-sized parts that may need repositioning.

ArcWorld II-6000 Series: This family of fully integrated standardized arc welding solutions easily handles complex applications that require welding in multiple planes.

Model: AWII-50 - AWII-6200


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