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ArcWorld III-Series

Yaskawa Motoman

ArcWorld® III Series models are higher-performance workcells designed for higher-volume fabrication and automotive applications.

ArcWorld III models feature high-end positioner performance/payload. They utilize single-axis positioners with one load/unload station. Cells can accommodate one to four robots. Common bases are provided.

ArcWorld III-1000 Series: Designed for high-volume, high-performance applications, ArcWorld III-1000 series workcells are fully integrated, pre-engineered robotic solutions that provide maximum productivity with a simple, servo-controlled turntable configuration. These cells feature a highly ergonomic single load/unload point for the operator.

ArcWorld III-6000 Series: Designed for high-volume, high-performance welding applications, affordable ArcWorld III-6000 solutions features high-speed positioners and multiple robots for HyperProductivity®. ArcWorld® III-6000 series models feature a 300 kg, 600 kg (HD) or 900 kg (XHD) capacity servo-controlled trunnion positioner. These single-robot (AWIII-6000), dual-robot (AWIII-6200) or triple-robot (AWIII-6300) workcells are designed to meet high-volume production for medium-size parts. Coordinated motion allows the robot(s) to weld while parts are turning on the positioner.

Model: AWIII-1000, AWIII-1200, AWIII-6000, AWIII-6200


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