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Layer depalletizer

Axium Robotics & Automation ULC

Axium’s unique DP240 layer handling solution yields optimal flexibility and secure product transfer using unique bottom layer support technology. Our unique end of arm tool, coupled with an industrial robot, can handle any type of product (closed cases or cartons, open trays, shrink wrapped trays, etc.) securely and without damages at a rate up to 240 layers per hour.

Axium’s DP240 allows effi­cient creation of mixed layer pallets from up to 4 ­fixed donor pallets or more if the robot is rail mounted. Our exclusive design utilizes a combination of perimeter clamps to secure the layer and twin roller curtain mechanisms to pick up and support the layer from underneath for fast transfer. As the horizontal curtains go underneath the layer, the perimeter clamps’ pressure is adjusted so fragile products are not damaged. Also, a top layer pad confi­rms the exact vertical position of the load to guide the robot to locate the end of arm tool at the proper height to pick-up the layer.

Model: DP240



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