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Mixed load palletizing

Axium Robotics & Automation ULC

Axium's ROP is an innovative solution to meet the growing demand for true mixed load palletizing system. Using powerful combinatorial algorithms in its CubeIQ software, the ROP robotically builds stable pallets from unlimited SKU database at speeds up to 1,750 cases per hour.

The first module is the CubeIQ software which processes orders received from a WMS and determines the most efficient palletizing sequence based on various criteria such as product weight and dimensions, case strength and stability. Before being picked, the cases are oriented using vision-assisted product orientor. Two robot arms alternatively pick cases from independent infeed conveyors and place them on the pallet. In order to easily handle the various SKU’s, the automatically adjusting fork style end of arm tool securely transfers any product like closed cartons, totes, open top cartons, shrink wrapped trays, none shrink wrapped trays, etc. Loads descend through an integrated stretch-wrapping ring throughout the palletizing process.

Model: ROP



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