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Ultra-Miniature Puck Brushless ServoElectronics Module.

Barrett Technology, Inc.

Barrett's Puck, which already represents a breakthrough in brushless servomotor drivers, is on target to get even better. Having won a highly competitive US National Science Foundation grant, Barrett is taking the Puck to the next stage with new innovations that will reduce the size even further. The Puck is designed to drive fractional horsepower (up to 300W) servomotors and is especially well adapted to brushless servomotors that require electronic position sensing, which is provided by the Puck itself. According to CEO Townsend, "the Puck is a disruptive game changer in my industry of robotic manipulators, which is why Barrett is growing. We believe that the Puck will also be a game changer in other industries as well. For example, motorized hand-held medical instruments where compactness, portability, low power consumption, high torque density, and oxygen compatibility are essential can benefit from the application of Puck technology. Before now, the solutions in many industries with these common needs have been very limited. Barrett will look for a commercial partner in 2010 to increase its access to these wider markets."



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