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Miniature Linear Modules

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

Compact design and high performance make the MKK and MKR 12-40 ideal for small loads in classic handling applications and for tasks in the semiconductor and electronics industry. With identical connection dimensions and the same range of accessories and attachments, the modules offer users a choice between two drive options: ball screw (MKK) and toothed belt (MKR). The new modules are available in one millimeter length increments—up to 1,000 mm for the ball screw version and 2,500 mm for the toothed belt version. Just 40 mm wide and 52 mm high (including the carriage), the compact aluminum profile encloses a ball rail system that assures high precision and smooth running even at high travel speeds. The ball rail system provides excellent rigidity, along with high load capacity in all four directions of load application. A special plastic sealing strip on the carriage side of the module protects the internal components. Rexroth has equipped the carriage with an adapter interface for use with its Easy-2-Combine positive-locking connection technology, thereby significantly reducing the effort required for precise alignment of attachments and eliminating the need for custom-fabricated adapter plates. Consistent use of the E2C connection system also makes the Miniature Linear Modules a perfect addition to Rexroth’s camoLINE Cartesian Motion building system and Desktop Factory applications.

Model: MKK and MKR 12-40



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