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Collet Gripper - Heavy Duty 5C

RAD - The Robotic Accessories Leader

Pick & Place Precisely on Either the O.D. or I.D. with RAD’s New C-8800 Heavy-Duty 5C Collet Gripper! Rapidly Pick and Place your uniformly sized objects with RAD’s C-8800 Collet Gripper! Unique design enables the collet to grip your part on either the outside diameter (O.D.) or inside diameter (I.D.) - now any part with a hole can be gripped! Pneumatically adjustable 360° clamping force enables rapid part transfer and allows efficient handling of delicate or rugged objects. The C-8800 Collet Gripper can also function as a workholding device for grinding, deburring, or polishing operations. RAD’s Heavy-Duty Collet Gripper: *Grips with 360° of clamping contact on either the O.D. or I.D. for optimum friction gripping *Distributes pressure evenly around part’s circumference allowing delicate or thin-walled parts to be handled without part deformation *Ensures precise part centering with repeatability to within 0.0005” of collet’s original centered position *Allows handling of lightweight, delicate items as well as rugged, heavy parts through pneumatically adjustable grip force *Cycles quickly for rapid part transfer *Reaches into narrow areas or where parts are nested tightly together with its slim nose design *Includes positive alignment pilot to improve concentricity of collet gripper to robot *Requires no additional gripper fingers *Provides durability with hardened steel collet and bushing yet remains lightweight with aluminum body construction *Allows easy change-out of collets for maximum uptime *Locking alignment screw prevents collet from rotating during operation

Model: C-8800



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