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Trapped Key Interlocks for Lock Out Machine Guarding

Tapeswitch Corporation

AIE (Access) + KS-20 (Isolation) + X (Multiple Access Points) + Stainless Steel Key

Tapeswitch Corporation offers a complete line of trapped key interlocking product solutions for power isolation and access machine guarding for robotics applications.

Trapped key interlocks guarantee the safe operation of equipment and machinery by ensuring an enforced predetermined sequence of events. These interlocks are ideal for heavy duty environments where isolating energy sources is required prior to gaining access to machines, equipment or other hazards. Key interlocks are a permanent solution for the control of hazardous energy, eliminating the need for a procedural lockout tagout system and is approved for such use in the US under the ANSI standard Z244.1 - Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods).

Model: AIE + KS-20 + X System


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