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COAX Vacuum Pumps


Designed to save energy costs, space and time, the P2010 acessories create more versatility in functions for electronic manufacturing applications requiring light and reliable pick-ups.

The P2010 can be accompanied by one type of Blow-off, four types of Quick-Release, and one DIN-rail mounting bracket. The accessories are mounted by pressing the two stems of either aluminum housing into the push-in connections of the P2010 housing. The DIN-rail mounting bracket is fastened by screws to the four connection holes on the underside of the pump.

The Quick-Release unit can be redesigned to suit a variety of specific electronic applications, as the user can add any desired number of Quick-Release tanks. While it is possible to build up to five different models, PIAB has chosen to build two standard models that can be easily redesigned by users and their customers. These units can all be complemented with a vacuum switch in M5 thread, PNP or NPN design. The vacuum switches can be connected either directly to the M5 thread of the P2010 housing or to the M5 thread of the Blow-off unit.

Model: P2010


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