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Active Contact Flange - Robotic Force Control

KEBA Corporation

Automate your grinding, polishing, or contact sensitive handling process with the Active Contact Flange robotic force control system from FerRobotics powered by KEBA.

The Active Contact Flange combines high performance sensor, actuator, and control elements, resulting in a touch-sensitive end-of-arm force control system that automatically applies constant force to a work surface. This self-contained, closed-loop system operates independent of the robot, greatly reducing complexity and time required for robot programming.   Active Contact Flange offers:

  • Ultra-fast closed loop force control, enabling increased cycle times and automation of manual processes
  • Reproducible and traceable workpiece quality
  • Up to 100mm of compliance, greatly reducing complexity from curved surfaces and tolerances in the workpiece
  • Up to 1000N of force, with sensitive options down to ~1N
  • End-of-arm or standalone applications
Easily add Active Contact Flange to your existing industrial robot using standard communication protocols, or build a custom system using our complete robotic control package.

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