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Collision Sensor - Stainless Steel Ultimatic™

RAD - The Robotic Accessories Leader

RAD's Ultimatic™ Collision Sensors provide crash protection and increased safety by mechanically detecting when the robot arm has encountered an obstruction, absorbing the crash energy and quickly signaling the robot to stop - thus preventing costly damage to equipment and tooling. OPERATING PRINCIPLE: The Stainless Ultimatic™ works by establishing the minimal points of contact required to restrain all degrees of freedom (movement) in normal operation. When a collision occurs and external forces upset this balance, the collision sensor provides angular, rotational and compressive compliance. This event opens a normally closed switch sending a signal to your system's E-stop or controller. FEATURES: *Sends a signal to the system's E-stop or controller within 2 to 10 ms of a collision *Absorbs the crash energy without releasing compressed air into the environment *Resets automatically to within ±0.0005" (0.013mm) in X, Y, & Z dimensions and to within ±0.017 degrees rotationally *Senses a collision even when the robot arm is not in motion *Resists corrosion due to its stainless steel construction *Provides angular, rotational and axial (compressive) compliance *Allows for dynamically variable resistance through regulation of air pressure *Offers adjustable switch sensitivity OPTIONS: *Adapter Plate(s) to mount the collision sensor to your system or tooling *Debris Shield to protect the collision sensor in dirty environments *High-Flex Cable The Ultimatic™ can be used on linear actuators, pick & place machines, and other automated equipment. Note: The Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor can be used as a compliance (alignment) device rather than a collision sensor by simply mounting the unit without wiring it to the robot.



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